Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday Rants..

Yesterday is my day off so, this is the day that I can rest and also I can spent time to my little kids. Me and my two kids we sleep together at the same room. That is not we usually do because I am working at night shift so I don't sleep them together. I really fell that I am really a mother that time because it's been a long time that we both sleep at the same room. When I wake up, I really shock because my sister wake up so early to prepared our breakfast. I asked her why she prepared the foods so early because my mother usually do that. She said that she have a Recollection and it is a whole day program so, she need to bring a foods for her lunch. I help her to prepared our breakfast so that she can leave early. My daughter woke up already so, I bring her outside and wear her sandals so that she can play outside. While she enjoyed to play in our playground I also busy to clean our playground. I notice that our playground there's a lot of flowers growing and its really attractive to those people who passing by in our house. At exactly 7:30 my son is already wake up she ask for his didi ( milk at the bottle) so, I make his didi so that he can drink his milk and also to my daughter. I have a problem to their both didi because they bite the nipple so I need to buy another one hehhehe . After that I continue of what I'm doing, I realized that It's been a two years when we transfer to my mom house and I really like her house because eventhough it's a small but we assure that our house is clean and we live happy.

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