Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Life is not easy

Buhisan, Tibungco at upper side we're I am living. Some of people who also living here are simple and ordinary person. Their houses is “ bahay kubo” the roof made by “ nipa” ( coconut leaves ) and also their wall made of a nipa but the otherss are cartoon. Mostly the source of their income is come from digging of limestone. Every sack their boos pay them five pesos (5.00) every sack it's really cheap for the that hard works. But still they contented of what they get because most of them they did not go to school when they are young so, they no choice . Their children also help them so that they can produce more sack of limestone the more sack of limestone the more their boss pay them every week. In our place there's no lights because our place is not developed by government already. So, In my case I try my best to put a lights in my house so that my kids can watch a television to make them fun. My boss help me to spend money for that project. Now, every night we have a lots of children they watch Kumfu kids, Lobo and Palos the number one teleserye here in Philippines

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