Friday, February 8, 2008

Eleventh Hour

Yesterday I watch a movie through youtube site the title is “ Eleventh Hour” this movie show us what is happening in our society and world today. The lack of responsibility of man today will cause struggle to the people and the world in the future.

Most of the people in our society today do not think of long term application of consequences of their actions. People tend to do the wrong things even if they know that it is prohibited. One of the issues cited in the movie was the effect of global warming. In our society today, most people do not care of what will happen to there garbage. People will throw them or burn the rubbish and will no longer consider the type of garbage they are throwing or burning. Due to this matter, plastic for example can be disposed in a wrong manner and it will cause pollution in the environment. Pollution will cause depletion of the ozone layer. Also, another thing that causes this depletion is the overuse of natural resources. When the ozone layer is destroyed, it will no longer d its function with will lead to increase in the temperature of the earths core. Increase in the temperature of the earths core will cause global warming and will affect many people in our world.

Things happening in our environment todays the consequences of our actions and modernization that occurs in the world of science. Modernization is good but extensive use of any material will gave failure to the bigger aspect of the situation.

The movie intends to help people visualize the things happening in our society today and to give notice to the people that irresponsibility leads to massive destruction of our environment. Change should start now and help in giving a good environment for the next generation to come and help our environment to have a better future.

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