Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top 10 internet scams

The U.s. Federal Trade Commission reposts the following list of the most popular Internet related complaints regarding confidence games being played on unsuspecting visitors to the information highway:
1. Auctions (45%: buyers pays but gets wrong item or none at all
2. Internet Access 21% Supposedly “ free” Internet access has hidden charges and high high cancellation fees.
3. Credit Card Fraud 9% Adult only sites ask for credit card data to verify age resulting in unauthorized charges.
4. Personal Web Site 5% Offers free Web site for 30 days but charges via the phone bill.
5. Modem Scam 5% Download a “ free” dialer to access adult sites but high charges soon follow.
6. Home business 3% Pay a free but earn nothing.
7. Travel bargain 2% Inexpensive trip is either not what was promised or is nonexistent.
8. Sell, Special Products 2% Sells product at low price , but there are no buyers.
9. Invest Now 1% Promises stock appreciation, but little actually happens after stock purchase.
10. Health Products 1% Miracle medicines sold as Internet “ Snake oil to solve all problems.

This are some of internet scam many people are victim of this programs. Few people report because they don't want the others to be a victim of this kind of scam.

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