Friday, February 1, 2008

The way I care ..

As a parents, we want to give our children all the best, likes we want to provide them with material possessions, to ensure their physical health, and to help them develop into well-adjusted adults. We want them to becoming a healthy and happy adult starts in infancy. As a parents we like to touch, cuddling, fondling, and holding them this is some way that we can close to our kids. This is the way how I built to make my baby trust and close with me as a parent:

When I'm breastfeed to my baby, first its really hurt but as a mother I believe that breastfeed is the most nutritious food for the baby and also this is the opportunity that I can hold my infant for extended periods of time. When I feed my baby I felt this is the time that I can give a wonderful opportunities to bond with my baby by gently cuddling, stroking, and gazing into their eyes.

Time to change diaper this is an opportunity to provide a basic need for my baby. The more comfortable he/she is, the happier he/she will be. I really think how difficult it is for an adult to have positive feelings when they are uncomfortable. I put a diaper to my baby to stays comfortable and to him/her from developing diaper rash. Diaper changing is also a great time to socialize with my baby.

Bath time this is the time that my baby's really want, I use a soft-sided, smaller tub within the big tub with warm water. My baby likes to play at a water she always smile at me. I should give him/her a bath about 1 or 2 times a week .

I really happy that both my son and my daughter they growth healthy and smart, not only that I use to teach them how to be a good person not only to their parents but also to others especially to God.

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