Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This is the continuation of the teleserye “ LOBO” after Lyka's kuya knows everything about what Noah's did to her, his kuya give Noah's warning that nobody's can hurt Lyka ( eventhough Noah's don't know who he is). Noah's get hurt because of the accident happen when Lyka's kuya hits his motor vehicle. Another days comes to Lyka she still not yet recover of what happen to both Noah and her, that day she has a presentation with Elthon to Lady L ( the big boss of their company). She so nervous that time she prepared all the things they need to make their presentation's good. After Lady L. waiting what they represent to her, Elthon suddenly back-out (suppose to be he is the one who is represent to Lady L.) because he wants to Lyka who introduce it to Lady L. but when Lyka's open her files she wondering why her files gone. Lady L. can't await any longer she really get mad when Lyka's don't have any represent to her. Lyka did not know that Elthon delete her all files to make Lady L mad at her. Lyka's can't pretend that she's okey so she going at the rooftop to cry but suddenly Noah come out he embrace Lyka to make her calm. Hahayz Noah's can't denied that he also like Lyka heheheh :) guys another day again ....


Rickavieves said...

nice one, you write here about the series Lobo :-)
I love to watch this series too everynight :-)

tonight the continuation episode is so exciting maybe noah will say na he like too to lyka? lets see then lols..

janet said...

heheh uu nga parang maging matigas na c lyka dhil sa ginawa ni noah sa kanya. Pro ok din yon pra indi maging easy girl c lyka tingnan heheeh