Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coconut Wine

Sunday morning my Uncle prepared a coconut wine because we have a visitors after lunch. He so busy to prepared the food and drinks that he can offer to our coming visitors, he prepared I think 2 gallons of coconut wines and fish kinilaw. The traditional coconut wine is one of the most popular drinks among Filipinos because even it is a alcohol, but it's organic!his coconut wine is not for sale.

At exactly 12:05 at the afternoon the visitors are coming, they start to prepared the foods outside the house and the coconut wine. Then they start to drinks and talk about the taste of coconut wine. My uncle said that he really like coconut wine than the other wines because it is a herbal and not only that he also believe that coconut wine can kills germs in the stomach.

His friends agree for that, most of his friend they visit here because they want to drinks fresh , pure and clean coconut wine. Some of sari-sari store here Davao they sell a coconut wine but it is not pure because they mix a little water to increase the volume of the coconut wine because of that the taste will change and sometimes their coconut wine they put it into a dirty gallon.

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