Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Snake

Yesterday while I eat my lunch at around 2pm my son watching his friend who is play at the outside of our house. He suddenly shout .. snake, snake, snake we thoughts that it is not true because my son is already 3 years old and he even called a worm as a snake heheh so we don't move of where we sit but my mother (his grand mother) she asked my son where? and Angelo my son point where the snake is. Mother shout also, then after that we find a big stick to kill a snake but when we find it the snake is already gone heheeh. So, I told to my mother that make sure that our surrounding is always clean so that there's no one can leave it. I really afraid because we know that snake is one of dangerous animal nowsaday. I don't know what kind of snake it is but it looks like really dangerous because I think it's more than one meter and we know that the poison (venom) of snake can kill a person at second only and I don't know if there's a medicine for that poison right now. Isn't there already? Hahays maybe we need to put extra careful specially to my two little kids they really like to play in the grass place.


Norm said...

ohh my! snake ba yan? ang itim naman, nakakatakot naman Jan!

janet said...

uu, ako din indi pa nga ehh yong dati mlaki tlaga fisrt time ko nka kita ng ganun kalaki sing laki ng hita ko ang taba nya .... kc nga mraming puno smin