Thursday, October 30, 2008

Contraceptive Methods

Today many Filipinos are living in poverty, due to lack of education and difficulty in finding stable job. What will happen to them if this will continue? Can they sustain like this? Our country will be affected too, our economic status. And others resort to abortion, and by doing this they just put their live into risk. One way to reduce the booming of population is by using contraceptives, a form of family planning. It could be natural with the use of devices or chemical form. An ideal contraceptive should be safe, 100% effective, free of side effects, obtainable, affordable, acceptable to the user, and free from aside effects on future pregnancies. And through this contraceptive, it will help in reducing early pregnancy, overpopulation, poverty and prevent the increasing number of jobless Filipino.

Today the member of young mothers are increasing and it is getting younger and younger.. They will have a high risk of unwanted pregnancy and will not be able to enjoy their remaining teenage life. Is that what we want to happen to those many in our country today? Don't we find it very tragic in their part. We may say that they should be responsible for their actions. But what if their parents are not guiding them properly? On this issue, contraceptives will be of great help to prevent early/ unwanted pregnancy. Since it would lead to many problems. First the mothers will have difficulty in accepting her role as a mother due to the fact that she's not ready and very young. Second, the father cannot easily find stable job to support their basic needs as family because of his very young age. Which would make their parents carry their supposedly responsibility. Third, the mother at this age still needs attention and emotionally support from the parents and siblings.

The Pink Sisterhood

I grab this tag from my friend Fe, eventhough she not totally gave it to me but still I grab it because it's really nice tag. Heheheh

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My Responsibilities

My situation is so difficult right now I have a lot on my plate as a wife, a mother of two kids, a daughter, a sister and an employee. As a wife, I need to understand the situation between my family and his family and why my husband couldn’t give his full attention to us and help us financially. As a mother of two kids, I need to be a good mother, looking after all their needs and at the same time guide them through life even though I am always busy. As a daughter, since my father passed away and my mother is already old I am burdened with the responsibility of running the household. I am the breadwinner and I take care of everything in the house. As a sister I need to guide her especially now that she is a teenager. It's really hard to teach her what is the right thing to do so that she will not be going in the wrong path. As an employee, sometimes it is really hard to follow their rules when even them couldn’t agree on things. To my co-workers, I need to be remind them what their responsibilities are because if they do something wrong, I'm the one who will suffer. To the customer, I need to give them good service even though sometimes they are wrong. I'm only 24 years old but I have a lot of responsibilities. I feel that I can't handle it everything anymore!!! help me.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tell Me Something I Don't Know - Sunday, October 26th

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Credit Unions are CREDIT-able

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Social Security System Salary Loan

I was so depressed after knowing that my salary loan in Social Security System cannot be filed right now. I was at the SSS office to give them the documents for my salary loan today. The teller said that the name of the employer that I put on my documents didn't match what was on their computer. The teller said I need to come back after the right employer is listed on my documents because I'm already qualified for a salary loan. I'm so shocked after that happenned. I had been working here for 5 years with the same company and employer. How did it happen that my employer was changed? After that incident, I immediately contacted my employer and asked him why is it that there is a discrepancy with my employer name. Did he transfer their employees to another employer without telling us? He said that he didn't know about this and said that it's better to ask our Book Keeper because she is the one who process all the documents to the SSS. Unfortunately, Resie also didn't know about it. My SSS transaction was no good because I took a whole day off for that but it was just a waste. Hopefully, this will get sorted out soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yoiks, I lost my files!

guys, this is what I got from Dneero. Good thing because it is a reminders to us as a blogger to save our files especially the files that are really important.

Juliet did for me

I'm so glad that my friend from Tarlac accomplished my request. She's a blogger also like me. When i found out that she's from Tarlac, I ask her if she can post a picture at my old school in Maliwalo. Im studying at Maliwalo when i was in high school. I want to know what's new in this place because I really missed Tarlac. I had a lot of friends in this place and it so sad because after I came back here in Davao City, I never had a chance to contact them anymore. When I was in Tarlac, it was look like a barrio but now after my friend post a picture, the place are different and it has lot of improvement on that place. We called the place before just "Tarlac", but now its' "Tarlac City". I just want to thank Juliet for being my friend . Here are some picture from my place Tarlac, visit her blog too guys!See yah..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Sun, Oct 19, 2008)

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My kids visit their lola's

This morning I bring my kids to their lola's house because no one can taking care to them in our house. My mother got sick and my sister have a class. When in the jeepney my daughter want to sit beside me like what his kuya did. I tried to talked to her so that she will stop moving around. It's really hard to have a two kids when you are travel alone isn't it? but I want to thank to some passenger who help me to carrying my kids and guide us when we going to down. It's really tired morning....

What about dNeero?

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Hello guys

Good morning guys, this morning I decided to grab any surveys from Dneero and update my two blogs too. I'd notice that this past few days I didn't received any task from my advertisers but I'm still glad that dneero still gave me a survey. A little amount but when you grab many surveys it will become big amount soon.

Identity -- You

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Monday, October 20, 2008

New Image Isn't good or Bad??

We just had a new image to our computer together with this cute desktop screen saver. As employee we are so much glad that we have new image on our computer, we can introduce it to our customers. But after we try the image, we noticed that there 's a lot of errors came out, like when the players played " dota", in the middle on their games it will automatically closed. What happen to our new image? Did the programmer did something wrong on his new program? Sometimes, we need to restart the unit before the customer used it and when we check on our billing system it was already log in. There's another problem in the image that our programmer put on the screen saver, there are some customers that can't see their files because of the bright colors. Hopefully this errors will be ok for this coming open classes.

Filing Sosial Security System Loan

Hello guys, today we have a work but I take an absent today because I'm planning to go to in Social Security System (SSS) together with my co-workmate Gena and Jesica. I'm filing my SSS loan because I am a qualify to have a first salary loan and my friends want to take an id picture for their SSS id. So guys, tomorrow again see yah!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Alot of Responsibilities

This past few days, I encountered a lot of problem at work. My boss gave a lot of responsibilities that we need to be aware of here at the cafe. Well...maybe because I'm the oldest employee that's why i knew almost everything here. I worked here almost 5 years and I encountered a lot of new employees here. Last Monday my lady boss ask me why the sales of level-up card is not complete, 100 pesos is lost. I dont know why but last Saturday I assured that the money is complete before I go home and have a day off in the next day. I dont know what happen but I'm really sure the amount of sales of level-up was totally complete.

Updating blog

Hello guys, it's been a while since I didn't update my blog. I need to do something with it and start writing a post. Because of my hectic schedule at work, I had lack of time to write a post in my blog because I need to go home early to avoid traffic. Im afraid to go home late, it's really dangerous for a girl like me who walked alone in the dark road. But this time I go to work early to update my blogs because I noticed that until now my page rank never came back. I need to work with my traffic again by updating my blog and visiting other blog as well. Before, I got a PageRank 2 but when the google update, my blog page rank went to PR0, after that they didn't gave my page rank back. Hopefully my rank will back as soon as i update my blog and work with the traffic, on that way advertiser can give me tasked to do. Will see what happen after a month :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Butterfly Award

Did you see this very cute butterfly? This is given by my new friend Gagiers. Thank you so much girl, I really appreciate it. Now, I would like to share this awards to my 10 friends.
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The following blogger who has the nice blog are:Ate Babette, debie, exiffer, glamorusa, imageforyou, ladynorms, marilynkate, mira1,rosemarie1, and my friend here Jesica but allbogger are welcome to grab this butterfly Award

Kim Chui doesn't want to take it easy

Just because she's on top of the heap doesn't mean Kim Chiu should relax and take it easy. New winners of reality shows are born all the time, and they could just dislodge her from her throne tomorrow.
That's why the PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) Teen Edition grand winner admits she feels nervous. She can't control the onslaught of new reality shows and the winners that emerge from them. All she can do is hope ABS-CBN will continue to give her important projects fans will go on watching on TV and the movies.

She shouldn't fret. My Girl, Kim's romantic series with Gerald Anderson, may have ended, but the Star Network has replaced it with My Only Hope.

The new series should make Kimerald fans rejoice. It pairs Kim with Gerald once more, and the same cast members as well. This time though, Kim's character is more mature. She has a goal in life, while Gerald's character is an artist.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My daugther's Smile

This is my daughter who always love to smile at me. As a mother, we like to see our kids happy and smiling to us. My mother took this photo while my daughter wearing a cap from her god mother Gena. She posed very well infront of the camera, she loves doing many poses everytime my mom click the camera.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good News

Yesterday I have an appointment to Mildy, she is the assistant of ate Babette's friend here in Davao City. I borrowed money from ate Babette, instead of sending me money at Western Union she decided to give the money through her friend because it is a cheapest way to do. Yesterday is the day where i can get the money from Mildy, we met in Davcon and she gave me the amount I borrowed from Ate Babette. Now, I payed the debt i owe to my boss and I dont need to worry about my debt anymore. Finally that problem was finished. I hope that I won't ask a favor again from them.