Sunday, February 24, 2008

My friend

Yesterday when I open my Yahoo Messager and I buzz my friend Fe so that we talk but I wonder why she didn't answer until I decided to close my Yahoo Messager. When I open my blogs and I visit to her site I read one of her blogs... Now I know why she didn't answer even how many times I buzz her hehehe:)My friend Fe and her family they are going yesterday at Silverthorne to check their house because their tenants are moving to their new house. Their house at Silverthorne now is for sale and thank's for the Real State Agent for helping them to find a buyer for their house . I post the picture of their house if you like, you can contact me or her. It is really nice,there's a 3 bed, 2 bath, ranch style and its located at 185 County Road, Silverthorne. 25 minutes from downtown. When I ask her why they sale their house at Silverthorne she said that so they can buy another house here in Philippines. My friend is so lucky to have a nice family, a husband like Mike he really loves my friend and now they have a little cute baby Dustin. I really glad that finally she now contented to her life. Fe is really nice person and I really miss her.

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