Monday, February 11, 2008


Last night I have a nightmare I'm so scared, guess what: I dream about the past, there was a girl the ex-girlfriend of my husband, she back here in Philippines from Taiwan she work there as factory worker. Then my husband and that girl they meet again, they talk at the church where I and my husband we really like to spend time. After that they both going outside they really both happy while they holding hands. When I wake up I 'm so exhausted, I'm really afraid what if this nightmare will be happen ? owww it's already 6 in the morning, time to take a bath then after that when I finish to do preparing my needs and finish to eat my two kids still that nightmare can't ease my mind . Even in my work still I can't control my self to think about my nightmare. While thinking, my cellphone rings I have a one message: Feb. 14----Valentines Day-----day of heart----cupid's invasion---lover's day----my question is ---Who's person that you will spend that day? The past or the present? This message is from my husband . This text message make me so confuse because my nightmare and this txt message is look like it is connected?:)


TH Yeoh said...

I seldom or don't have nightmare like yours. I believe that we should not worry too much and fear what is going to happen to us. Instead treat the past as bygone and start a new day with fresh hope. Clear our mind of all worries before we sleep through meditataion of self-suggestion. By doing this, and be optimistic, life will be full of happiness. Happy Valentine's Day for you and your life partner.

janet said...

Sana nga indi magkakatotoo ang nightmare at maging kabaliktaran heheh thnx