Saturday, February 23, 2008

How many word can you type?

This is all about how fast are you in comes to typing. I have a friend she's my co-workmate before,she can type without seeing the keyboard and it's really fast and I really like when she accept typing because when she start typing I watching her finger it's move very fast. Ate norm thanks for the tag I really enjoy hehehe. This is my score of the " How fast are you in typing " I reach 163 points my position 458766 of 686648 on the ranking list, I type 243 characters with 40 correct words and 1 words wrong. It's not bad maybe I can make more faster if I try more and more. isn't it?I want to pass this tag to my friend here in web..caroland99, chalyza07, debie Femikey1, exiffer, gagiers-recipe2 ,glamorusa, holy-kamote, imageforyou ,jeanetteswengel jegan19 ,nakoorgu ,resebel Weng1. Guys this is the chance to prove us how fast typing are you.

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Norm said...

thanks for doing the tag sis! happy Monday..