Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back to Zero

Yesterday while viewing my friend's blog I stop my attention to her shout box because one blogger said that her blog is back to zero rank. She said that the goggle is updating again that's why most blog are affected. After I read this message I automatically checked my blog and guess what! My blog is also affected, it's back to zero huhuhu. I'm really sad about this matter because it's give me a sign that my review is also affected

Be Together Again..

Yesterday my friends texted me that she want to see me at Victoria Plaza because she with our old friend since college and they want to be together. Rodel treat our dinner at Jolibee Victoria Plaza and we spent out time their. I'm really happy beacuse after long long time we are be together again. After dinner we also visited our friend who worked near at Victoria Plaza.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Visitors..

Hi guys, how are you? Last Sunday my husband's co-workmate visited in our house. Sunday morning, my husband received a message from Ariel that they wanted to visit us. We are not prepared because they suddenly texted us that they wanted to go in our house. Supposed to be they will go to Calinan but they changed their mind, instead, they decided to go in our place in Tibungco. They spent their time until night because they got in our place since 5:30 in the afternoon. My husband is really happy on that day because that is the first time that they went in our place. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My review is rejected

Hello guys, I have a review about furniture they reject my review and I don't know why? I asked my friend why they reject my review, she said that her review in the same product is rejected also. What happen? Did we both did not follow the instruction? I try to read and understand their content so that I know what are my mistake on making my review from them. I try to make another review that can qualify to their needs. Hehhehe

Monday, July 21, 2008

Modern Furniture Store

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My Visitor.

Good morning, Last Sunday my friends in college visiting in our house .I'm happy because after Gena stop working in internet cafe as my co-workmate we don't have a chance to be together. But when Gena decided to go in our house, I'm really happy eventhough we are not complete because some of our friends are really busy to their life now. I hoping that Gena and I will be have another time to be together since she is planning to go abroad to work there. I'm happy for Gena because she is easily recover to what happen in there relationship between her and Ryan. I hope that she can move on and someday she can find her right guy to give her a happiness in life.

Friday, July 18, 2008 - Window Coverings

Are you one of those people who want to choose the blinds that better suit to your interior decoration? Here in the Philippine it is really popular to use window blinds especially in offices or even in home. It is good to blocks the sunrays/sunlights to your window .Now, here is a good kinds of Window Blinds:1 Faux wood blinds offer durable slats that are moisture-resistant, won't scratch, chip, or fade and are perfect for high moisture areas.2 Mini blinds, also called aluminum blinds, are the most widely used window covering today. 3 Panel Track Blinds 4 Vertical blinds complement most window shapes and add height to any room .5 Wood Blinds, isn't really great? You can also choose their Best Deals on Blinds like wood blinds, roller shades, faux wood blinds and cellular shades.Hunter Douglas Window Fashions has created innovative and beautiful window coverings.

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Drug Rehab - Sunset Malibu

I had a co-workmate here before that his brother is on the rehabilitation center because he is addicted on drugs at his early age. He is on this situation maybe because they are growth up without parents who are guide them and teaching them what is wrong and what is right. They didn't feel the love from their parents. Now, I had discover new place drug rehab that really nice for those people who are finding one place that will help them to get back in their life. Why don't you try this one? I will tell you about a drug rehab center where patients are treated effectively. They design a unique recovery plan for every patient after initial evaluation. This plan recovers the patient quickly. This prestigious drug rehab center's name is Sunset Malibu.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New motorcycle

Good Friday to all, yesterday after my work my husband waiting for me. Since he had a new motor (debt only) he take me a ride but he drop me in the station of the jeepney. Because I don't have a helmet to use and since it is not allowed to ride without helmet we should follow the law right? From downtown my husband waiting me in the market because we are planning to buy a milk for our kids and etc. After there he said that since it is near from our house it is okey to ride with him heheh. This is my first time to ride to his motor and I really like it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Men enhancement

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Separate ways..

Yesterday early in the morning I had a unexpected visitors in my work. Ritchell is my friend since college , she had a bad news that can make me shock when I heard about it. Gena is our friend since college, we are classmate. After graduated, we worked at the same company in the internet cafe. We are the same position but separate schedule. . Because of our worked in internet, she met her boyfriend through chatting then after knowing to each other. They decided to live in the same roof fro almost 3 years I think. But yesterday I'm really shock when my friend Ritchell told me that they are now separated. What happen? Until now I'm still not believing that after those many trials came on their lives now they are separated. Lives is really unexpected.

Do you have healthy relationship?

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Wow, i was very surprised with the results. Isn't true? heheh by the way I'm happy right now to have a beautiful two kids and loving husband. Eventhough sometimes we had a problem but still we are confident that we passed this by helping each other. So guys if you want to grab this you are welcome. Happy

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sign up Inbox Dollar to earn money..

I sign up to Inbox Dollar this morning after I read the blog of my friend Fe. Im so happy with it because I had another way that I can earn extra money through internet by survey. They pay you 5 dollars for signing up and for every survey you take they pay you more than $1-20. You can either join the cash offers, cash surveys, cash games, cash shopping and if you refer your friend you can get a 10% of the qualified earnings received by your referrals. So guys, if you want to earn extra income by doing survey, shop, playing games and sign up their cash offers, why don't you try this? You can start earning now!! Good luck.

The FInale of LOBO

Last night, I watched the finale of “ LOBO” the one teleserye that I really like who are made by Filipino . It is really nice the ending, Lyka and Noah fight for their love, they both sacrifice so that they will commit the peace. Anton is totally gone, Lyka and Noah is already married they has a twin child. The teleserye show us how the power of love. Eventhough they are not the same but still they fight for their love. Now, they are happily married together with their love ones. Happily Ending!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Danze Faucets

Last week, I remembered Aries bring a broken faucet. It is really low quality product because he said to me that when he going to open the faucet it suddenly broken. After what happen they are planning to buy a new one. This is a really good news to them because I wanted to recommend my new discover from internet. It is a kind of online store about all kinds of high quality faucets. They offer free faucet shipping for all faucets and accessories over $ 99. You just select free faucet shipping from the Pull-Down Menu then press to apply. Danze Faucets, Antioch Collection, Anu collection, Danze Bannockburn collection, Brandwood collection, Como collection, Corsair collection, Fairmount collection, Melrose collection, Danze Opulence collection, Danze Parma collection, Plymount collection, Plymounth II collection, Danze Sirius collection, Danze Sonora collection, Danze SheridanDanze South Sea collection,Tiburn collection, Bath, Danze kitchen faucet, Custom Shower System and Accessories.

If you want to buy you can contact them through email: collection, and Phone: (800)-768-5980 or Fax: 504-324-0805. Don't waste your money for any low quality product.

Pinhole Eyeglasses

Before, I thought if you had a problem on your eyesight, you need to use eyeglasses prescription but guess what? I found out a new scientific way of restoring one's clearer vision without using a prescription eyeglasses, it's known as "pinhole glasses” . It is a unique product that are designed to restore perfect vision, not just correct your vision while you’re wearing them. These eye glasses are unique because they use the principle of sight to let in only those rays which are capable of forming a clear image on the retina. It can overcome impaired vision or any common refractive eye disorders. It is really great because pinhole glasses are completely natural, scientific, durable, affordable and effective. They do not have glass lenses and could last a lifetime. You don't need to worry about the price because it is really lightweight, durable and it is really affordable.

The pinhole eyeglass is actually slightly improve your vision but when you wearing the pinhole glasses, vision is quite obstructed by the black spaces around the pinholes. Most people would be reluctant to wear the glasses, as they are not very fashionable. Also, it should be noted that pinhole glasses reduce brightness and peripheral vision. Therefore it is not safe to wear while driving or operating any kind of machine. Pinhole glasses are mainly used by eye care specialist as a diagnostic tool. In almost all cases, other forms of correction will obtain clearer vision.

This pair of pinhole glasses is suitable for people who are also suffer from myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome or cataracts. It is also good for adjusting your reading position as after wearing it for longer period. It is good to use while you are infront on your computer. You will try to sit properly and read things at proper distance and sufficient light source. It is also very affordable than an others. Each pair of glasses is only $14.95, I think these are a fabulous deal for me since I need to use this kind of eyeglass because right now, I'm working in Internet Cafe and I'm infront of my computer most of the time 10 hrs/ 6 days a week. Maybe I need this pinhole glasses to protect my eyes. I'm just also need it since I'm have a sore eyes right now to protect on sunlight. So what are you waiting for? Think wisely and think about your health especially your eyesight. For more information visit their website now!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ruptures is not bad...

Everyday of our lives we almost do the same things that we do, wake up, take a bath, eat, go to school, go home and sleep, that is the daily things that we are use to. What happens if we encounter something new in between those daily things that we usually do, until when rupture comes in, for example, on your way to school you were invited by your friends to go out and go to the beach instead of going to school, that event doesn’t happen on a daily basis. It is a rupture because you will be given a chance to decide if either you will go to school or go to the beach. It can either make you grow or be pulled down. If you will now go with them, it will make you grow in a sense that you know how to prioritize the important things that you need to go first. You will be pulled down if you go with them because you will miss your classes and you are not acting like a responsible person.

That example was would not likely have a really big impact on our life, but there would be instances that we would be force to choose really important decisions (e.g. Go to abroad and work there or stay here in the Philippines with your family). As we continue to grow we will learn from our mistakes in the past and we will utilize what we have experience to make better judgments in the future, if we have made good judgment in the past it is likely the our decisions in the future would be good too. So for me ruptures are important for us to experience because it is necessary for our human growth and how to understand ourselves better. We will know our strength, weaknesses and limitations. Ruptures should not be ran away from but instead we must face them.

Our Wire is gone..

What bad Sunday for me. It is my day-off that's why I'm the only one who is taking care of my kids that day. My mother is visited on my aunt place at San Lorenzo, Sasa and my sister is in the river to laundry her dirty clothes. My stepfather is busy to preparing the house of piglet outside . And I'm the one who inside the house . When my kids is already sleep, I also take a nap because of my sore eyes that can cause me a headache. Stepfather go inside and asked me if it is a brown out? I also wonder that's why I suddenly try the light if it will works but they didn't. After that my stepfather decided to checked of wires outside , guess what? We discover that almost 108 meters is gone huhuhu. There is somebody who snatch our wire, I'm really upset after knowing. Right now, we back to use an candle light.

Welcome little pig

My husband decided to buy 2 piglet so that we race it. We planning that one piglet we going to breed and the other one after 3 months we selling it in the market. But since this afternoon we get that piglet, we prepared their house first. Did you know that this is my first time to race a pig? And it makes me conscious why my stepfather make a little house for the two piglet. I asked my mother for that and my mother said: so that they can't move easily that makes them grown up faster. I know that if you are active there is the possibility that you didn't be fat isn't it? That's why the more the pig can't move the more they will be grown up faster. Wow...this is a good tips to others who are planning to breed a pig. Heheheh. Hope that this will be success.

Madrid Hotels

Are you planning to go in vacation together with your family? Why don't you visit It is the spot for you! The most famous of Madrid’s art museums are the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, with its overview of Western art, the Museo Reina SofĂ­a, mostly housing modern art, and the Museo del Prado. The Paseo del Arte lies to the east of Puerto del Sol, the heart of Madrid. Madrid hotels a simple affair for travelers especially to those people looking for discount hotels because they are many comfortable and convenient options. Take their hotel reservations because you have 20,000 hotels worldwide that you can choose, with lowest rates , No advanced paymentsBook now and pay at check-out! Guest Reviews, Real guest reviews, Multilingual, No extra charge and No Reservation Fees. And if you want to be part of you can add your hotels on their site. It is really good as partners because they No registration fee, Commission-based model.Increased room sales, Control over your inventory, Guests pay at the hotel, Credit card guarantee. Real-time tracking system, and Multilingual hotel content. So guys what are you waiting for? You can be guest or partner in

Car Seats Online

Here in Philippines shopping online is really more popular especially to those people who are busy to their work and studies that's why they don't have time to go out and waste time to fall in line in the mall. Shopping online is the best way to them because you can just set down in front on your computer while surfing on the net what you wanted to buy on your car seats. Here is the best shopping online, they are offer a very affordable and with a high quality product. Car Seats types: Infant Car Seat Carriers, Rear Facing Car Seats, Forward-Facing Car Seats, Infant-Toddler Seats and Booster Car Seats that you can choose. There are few added bonus features you may want to consider to maximize your child's safety: 5 point harness, wide twist-free traps, head impact protect. They also has a popular car seat that is good to your baby : Car Seat Head Stabilizers, Sun Shades and Universal Strollers.So guys, why don't you try to visit their site now so that you can choose what car seat is best for you. I know you like to shop because all you need is on their site. This is really good to save your gasoline and not to waste your time to go outside. Hurry!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Greatings for Wednesday

Good morning guys, it's another Wednesday again.Most mother all over the world are really busy preparing a foods to their kids and husband who are going to their school and office. Here in the Philippines, the road are really busy every morning because we are usually riding on jeepney to commute everyday. The radio are really noisy on the jeepney trying to get the attention of their listener . All of us are busy doing our daily works but still Filipino are not forgotten to give thanks to the Lord and give time to our family every Sunday. Isn't it?

Trade Show Exhibits

Camel back Displays reminds me when I'm still teenager. When I'm in high school I'm leave in my cousin house he support my studying and all my needs. He also doing an exhibits works but unlike my cousin work Camel back Displays offer very affordable trade show exhibits like: truss, trade show flooring, banners, director chairs, light boxes, exhibit counter & cabinets, literature holders, trade show furniture, booth pine & drape, table covers, exhibit graphics and many more. Camel back displays also an supplier for table covers from printed & blank . You can choose this : throw covers, table skirts, fitted sets, conference cloth, table runner, fabric banners, covers, hospitality, table linens and table top displays.They always have something on sale and offer fast, reliable, friendly service.Wow amazing... so, guys what are waiting for? Call them now or visit their site so that you can select there offer.

My salary makes me cry

Last June 30 I received my salary and guess what it make me cried hehehe because of what I'm discover. This is what my salary result supposed to be I worked 13 days but since I had one absent and 2 days with half day and also two days late. My boss also deducted 3 days worked even though I worked on that day because I forgot to wrote my time log in. Then my short on my sales everyday that's why my salary become P 138.50 huhuhu I really cried after I received my salary because I didn't expect that they deducted 3 days even I worked on that day but I understand becauseit is policy that is the reason why my salary is more smaller than what I'm expected .