Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day

February 14,2008 its Valentines day, all customer here greet me a Happy Valentines and they ask me where did I go to celebrate it. Heheh somehow the customer make me smile and they so "makulit" their's one of my customer brings a flower suddenly I remember the day when my husband give me a flower everyday and I really like it but now nothing at all.He said that flowers and chocolate is only for the boyfriend/girlfriend maybe he's right, right now we have a two kids we need to think the most important things before anything else. Here in Philippines it's really hard to lived eventhough we both work so hard still not enough but thanks God we survived. My husband he didn't give me a flowers as a sign of the Valentines but he treat a dinner its really simple but for me it's so romantic heheh thanks John. Since our relationship begun we always celebrate a valentines, but for now its different because we just eat a dinner not like before we celebrate valentines we eat and he always make me surprised. Last year he give me a little bear with a heart that the message is ILOVEYOU and take note he give that gift in a mysterious way, he ask a the trisikad driver to give that gift to me but when I accept the gift I ask the trisikad driver who's given it to me they said that I don't know isn't it so mysterious??heheh:) but now it's okey we need to be a practical right now because its really crisis.

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