Thursday, February 21, 2008

My bad customer

In my first night of my new schedule I encounter a lot of problem especially to my customer. I newly in this schedule that's why it's give me a lot of problem on how to recognized my customer because this is my first time that I encounter of my new customer . As a business we have a promo ( discount ) to the customer starting 8 o'clock in the evening our time will be 10/per hour at the first floor same price but the second floor is really cheaper 7 / per hour flat rate. This promo gives to our customer cheaper and that's why starting 8 o'clock it's make me so busy and I really fell so exhausted every night because many of our customer they ask for assistant specially to those beginner.One problem that I encounter everynight is when the customer paying their bills, there's a lot of customer they want to get out without paying their time charge log in and it's gives me a lot problem because it will be charge to my salary. One night I encounter a two customer that gives me a headache because as a Internet cafe we have a policy likes " No Pornography, No Gambling and No Hacking" but still there's a lot of customer not follow this policy and even we caught in the act they still continue of what they doing , that's is the number one that can make me mad. One time we didn't notice that the two of my customer is going out without paying their bills when I notice the two customer they running outside and it makes me so sad for what happen after that I decided to go uptairs to check their stub. It's another deduction to salary but anyway, that is not the one who get me angry, guess what? when I go uptairs and check their unit I find out that they both open the pornographic website grrrr my heart beat so faster because of what I saw grrrr :(. It's really bad thing!!!!


Babette said...

Hi Janet, unfair naman yon, sa salary mo tinatanggal. :( Dapat gawin nyong policy is 'pay the first hour', tapos every hour balikan mo para singilin. Dapat din lahat ng computers nyo may software filter na naka-install para di mapuntahan yong mga sites na yon.
Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, sure we'll xchange links. My URLs: and
See you around. :)

janet said...

dapat sana meron kaming filter for porno pro na delete mn indi kc maayos yong mga unit nmin.. heheh te thnx sa comment mo and have a nice blogs.....