Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The River

This river is near at our house . My kids and I really like to take bath here, The water flows really clear and it is so cool. My kids and I loves to swim and play. They hugs me even we in the water. I'm always watch them when they play because even the water is not really deep still Im afraid because water can cause death. They love to play the stone under water then they throw it at me. We have also a wheel or we called it “ balon” at the side of the river. Since our place is not yet developed not only lights but also a water. My uncle we don't need to buy a mineral water to a sure that the water we drink is clean. This place I use it also when I laundry of our dirty clothes. I like here because Its make my work faster I wash our clothes easy because of the continuously flows of the water no need to use another “ balde or planggana”. We always maintain the cleanliness of this place.

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