Friday, February 29, 2008


Yesterday, I fell so nervous because there are two mobile patrol outside in out Internet Cafe I wondering why? Then one of our customer from Holy Child panic to going home so, the more I confuse. I asked the one of our customer that from outside, I asked him what happening outside? He did not answering my question maybe he also don't know. Many people outside mostly students because we near at the school they also want to know why there's a mobile outside. There's another customer from outside told me that there's a group of youth fighting outside and the store near from the place of incidence they call a police to stop the fighting because they make a trouble of the place. Now, I know why there's a two patrol outside. First , I thought that there's a person who got a heartattack like before. Thank's God that the trouble is already stop. Davao City police really doing their job they always rescue in a right time and place. This is one that I really proud to be a Davawenyo.

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