Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Friend Unforgettable Temptation

Yesterday my friend told me about his most unforgettable temptation that came into his life that really tested his loyalty towards his parents and God. This is when his high school classmates tempted him to cut classes. His classmates invited him to be absent in their afternoon class and spend their time in one of their classmate’s house. He was really so confused because most of his classmates decided to be absent. He almost got tempted because of the encouraging words that they have said and the fun and excitement waiting for him there. His body really wanted to go with his classmates; In fact they are on the way to their campus gate to go out but suddenly something bothered him and started to think that if he go with them he will miss their lessons and he is worried that their teacher might wonder why most of them were not in her class and might report this to the principal to inform the parents that their son was absent. When he was thinking about this he decided not to go with his friends. Thanked God he gave him wisdom to really make a good decision. After I heard what he told me I said you have a good decision. Friends is good but if you think that they make a bad influence to you, especially in your studies avoid this kind of person.

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