Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's Saturday night..

It's Saturday night, we have a lot of customers from Holy High school because they don't have a class today. When I get in, I wonder why sunshine is here ( Sunshine is the sister of my boss and Aries) when I ask her, she said that Aries ( suppose to be my partner for tonight) is absent because yesterday he's duty is 16 hours so, he need to rest so that he can attain his class for tomorrow. Then after that Jesica told me that theres no unit available upstairs because it's sold out already. I'm so happy because finally my boss buy another unit ( upgraded).Hopefully next week the CPU will be coming, so I think we all busy that time to set-up our new CPU. I hope that this is the time that our Internet Cafe make more popular specially to those people who really like play online games. Because mostly the customer who play online games they consume more time than the others. So, my boss decide to upgrade all our unit so that our income will be increase. I really glad that it will happen because sometimes he old unit it's give me a problem because it's not working good when you play online games so, we reserve this for only network games. Maybe our rate for using our computer will become like before 10 per hour flat rate, this is not expensive than the others Internet Cafe.

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