Saturday, February 16, 2008


Autism is a part of a group of disorders known as Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), is a complex neurobiological disorder that typically lasts throughout a person's lifetime. The disorders is characterized by varying degrees of impairment in communication skills and social abilities, and also by repetitive behaviors. Symptoms range from mild to severe. Parents are usually the first to notice to notice unusual behavior in their child or their child's failure to reach appropriate development milestones. Some parents describe a child that seemed different from birth while others describe a child who was developing normally and then lost skills.

TonightI accept a typing job its about Autistic person it's from Maricor. She experienced how to encounter a Autistic person, she explain here how life is important and also how to value each life. Maybe this girl she encounter a person that can make her admired this is the story begin: we were able to sympathize with some autistic kids came from different places...from the first look, I kinda though that it might not be fun hanging along with them but on a second thought, we really enjoyed doing some thing with those kids despite of their deffects, they still proved that they are not that different but infact they are the ones who could touch someone's life. We even interviewed some of them but there was one of them made our hearts cry. We asked him what's his name then he hurriedly answered, “ I am autistic ” it may sound so ubsurb and odd but that moment did made us feel like were the luckiest co'z were normal and complete and yet it made us feel so much ashamed co'z if were gonna look at the brighter side of the situation, its a fact that we are normal but some are acting abnormally, we are being so sluggard though.... I pitty them and yet I could say that they are the best people on earth and that experience gave me the faith and the strength to soar high and to go on thankfully to the journey towards the greatness of life.

As what I've conclude in the first paragraph, those autistic children are having a difficult time accepting the fact that they are a bit different and that they will never make the most out of what God had given unto them, and that is probably the worse above everything, that's what wrecked my nerve and made me stumble up to the inner part of my soul, it might perhaps seems so unfair and unequal cos to think that some are complete and some are not but I'm pretty sure that God has the greatest plan for them and that is what I realized and that is what I want them to realize as well.

The best help that I could possibly offer to them is an extreme prayer because we all that God is the maker of all creatures. And He is the only one who could give them the strength for them to feel more positive and secured and giving them encouragement will be also good enough to show them the greatness of what lies ahead of them and to make the feel the love that could cover up the pain from the emptiness that they are feeling.

How about you? did you already encounter a Autistic person?

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