Thursday, February 28, 2008


These past few days I really busy doing with my blogs. My friend Fe help me on how to start this kind of site and I really appreciate it. When I start doing this, first I really excited doing anything comes from to my mind. Through this blog I can meet more people and it becomes my friends. They always visit my site and say “ hello" to me. Everytime I open my site I really excited specially when I got a message from my co-blogger it gives me an inspiration to continue doing this blogs. This blogs help me to forget my problem. Now I have a lot of friend online and hopefully someday my friends become more and more. Even in my home I still not forget to tell about this site.When I tell to my husband about this he support me of what makes me happy. She also make his own blogs but it's did not work because he's busy playing his online games. It's been almost two months when I posting to my blogs and now I had a lot of visitors right now. They also support me and guiding me. I really like doing this kind of blogs because alots of things that you can discover here, and also you have a chance earn money through blogging.

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