Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CPU for sale

My boss sell his old CPU but still really good conditions the specs of the unit are 256 MB RAM ,128 video card, 80GB hard disk, AMD Atlon (TM)XP 1500+,1.33GHz for only 3,000.00 pesos isn't it so cheap? My boss he want to sell his old CPU to buy another one (Upgraded Unit) so that the connection of Internet will be faster. As for now Internet Cafe is one of the popular business here in the Philippines but right now you need to make sure that your computer is work good so that the customer will be back again and they like to used it longer. Specially Onlines Games need more upgraded unit to avoid hang or lag. Here in our cafe mostly the customers they played onlines games like RF online, RAN online, PerfectWorld, etc. My boss put another Internet connection for the online games only this is our special service to the online gamers. They really played longer because they satisfied to the connection that the Internet brings on. As of now, 28 units are already upgraded and there's a 50 units still need to upgrade, hopefully that the old CPU will be sold so that we will buy a new one. Guys, if you want to buy a unit just send me a message for more information. This is really affordable and it's really useful specially to the students and also to you as a blogger heheh:)

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