Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Tragedy of Sulpicio Lines

This is what happen of Sulpicio Lines tragedy. It is midday, the weather has cleared after a typhoon’s passing, and the work week should be productive.
But walking among the living is a difficult thought to grasp right now if you are standing on the beaches of San Fernando, Romblon staring at what remains of Sulpicio Lines’ 23,000-ton ferry Princess of the Stars.
The scene cannot but bring on a bout of depression.
Pardon the unintended pun: a truly sinking feeling. The feeling that someone somewhere should hang for this. Dejavu is not even appropriate. This is unforgivable.
Here in Manila far from the murky waters off San Fernando, Mindoro we cannot sense the deathly quiet nor smell the stench of bloated bodies. But we are told that with at least 22 confirmed dead and 59 confirmed survivors, a staggering number of 780-plus souls remain missing and,by now, feared dead.
Yes the search and rescue choppers are still hovering atop the overturned hull of the ship with the top part of the bow jutting out of the water while coast guard ships and puny fishermen’s bancas circling the site looking for any sign of life.
The relatives of the missing are already wailing, grieving nervously at Manila’s Pier 12 waiting, hoping to hear something other than reports of more bodies being plucked out of the water or washing on the shore of San Fernando town.
But instead of hopeful news, the mayor of San Fernando was appealing on national radio late yesterday afternoon for body bags and lime so they could tend to the dead.
To underline her own despair and anger, the lady mayor described how they’ve been been forced to sprinkle white cement on the recovered cadavers just to stem the decomposition while waiting for help. She also complained: not a single call had come, she said, from Sulpicio Lines, to coordinate and help.
And while representatives of the company are reportedly going to Romblon via Aklan this morning, unless they can part the waters off Romblon and raise the dead, there is little else they can do.
The press reports now say how the shiptain’s order to abandon ship came only when Princess of the Stars was already tilting very badly so much so that the passengers were already in panic.
In fact even while the vessel was supposedly only three years and had a full complement of life boats and life vests, only four of the listed survivors had vests on.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Offshore Drilling - You want it?

This is survey from Dneero. This is one of problem here in Philippines. Many people suffer because of this and I don't know how to solve by government this kind of crisis.

Website of Secial Security System is not work?

I wonder, why until now still I can't open the website of Social Security System here in philippines. I want to check if I already avail to apply a loan because I'm already has 36 months contribution and that is one of they required but I can't view their website right now. This is make me worried because how can I check my account if their site still doesn't work. I don't have time to go their office because of my work and this is the only way that I can check my account. The reason why I want toapply loan is for my Christening of my daughter but right now I don't know if I can make an schedule because of this, hopefully this week it will okey.

Citzenship For Sale?

This is survey from Dneero,it is about selling the Citizenship.For me, if the outcome is okey then hy not,as long it can't be affect to us. How about you guys?

Friday, June 20, 2008

How to be an effective managers and how to overcome our fear of writing?

How to be an effective managers and how to overcome our fear of writing? For me, you should be more competent or globally competitive to others, to be more service oriented and focused to your work in order to meet the expectations of the higher management, and lastly to endure spirituality for us to be more confident and motivated to our work. And also, in order to meet the expectations of others, you should continually improve yourselves to attain the growth and development of what you want.

In order for us to overcome our fear of writing, we should follow the techniques on how to overcome it. We should be physically relaxed so that we can properly think on what we are going to write in our business letters. To be more motivated in order for us to write a more presentable and organize letter. We all know that writing a letter is a way for us to express our ideas and emotions and in order for us to overcome that fear we should learn first the proper and the write way to write a letter. How about you guys?

Loan Modification Help

The one problem here in Philippines is about money especially to those people who had a mortgage to pay. Usually when you didn't pat at exact date it will make bigger because of the interest. You are lucky because here is a company that can help you. It is called Advantage National Solution. They want to share their success through delivering nationwide mortgage assistance to all people who re need help stop and avoid the foreclosure of their home. It is really good mortgage modification and loan modification because it is no equity home loan and with no short refinance. Don't be scared to try because they just want to help you for your own relief. Mortgage help you for being wise isn't it? Guys, what are you waiting for? Take this chance for your foreclosure help. Visit their site now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I get my money in Western Union

I receive the money from Fe through Western Union. Fe help me to get my money in my paypal in cash . She offer to transfer my money to her account since here paypal is already verified after that, she sending the money to me here in Philippines. I don't have a problem in Western Union because I already has a record that's why they didn't ask me a 2 valid ID. I really thankful to my friend to helping this way. She sacrifice her $30 I think so that this transaction will be successful. Fe I will pay you later okey? Heheheh I used the money to buy a second hand refrigerator . Now, my mother texted me that she already paying the ref and this afternoon we get it na. Hehhe:)

Bible Lands Cruise

Before when I'm in highschool there is a missionaries visiting in our house to share and teach us about the word of God. But after I'm studying in college I don't have time for bible study. When I'm working in internet cafe , I really glad because there is a organization who specialized in Christ centered events through internet. Christian Cruise to teach us and invite us to sail them and enjoy a journey of lifetime.They giving you an opportunity to experience: the life changing and workshops; uplifting praise and worship music; Christian concert performances and Fellowship with believers across denomination and locations. Bible Cruises to you to explore and read about God. Now, many people testimony that they are happy to join this organization and experiencing how's the life so wonderful. For the extended journey, just visit the great Christian Cruises site and you will get the whole plan. You can get more kind a virtual tour in their site and also you can get the virtual experience first before try the real expedition. So, To those people who want to be like them, you are welcome to join. Guys, are you interested? visit their site now.

My husband mobile phone

My husband got a problem about his cellphone. He buy a new model of cellphone and we got a problem on how to add a new games to his mobile. I try to copy the games from computer to his mobile using USB but eventhough it show in his mobile but still we can't play the games. We had another problem about our programs we save in his mobile, our picture and videos , we can show our picture in our mobile but when we connect in computer we can't see any files there. We already installed the driver of his mobile but it doesn't work. Guys, did you know how to work it?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Home Computer Security

I take this survey from Dneero. Home Computer Security is need specially to you who want to have an privacy. And also a computer who is use for confidential file.

Where's Your Loyalty?

This is survey from Dneero. For me loyalty is important specially in relationship isn't it? If there is no loyalty your relationship is not be work.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Since I'm planning to buy a new cellphone , why should I try this site to find a new model that can fit to my taste before I buy? Tiga Dua Cellular is an online electronics and gadget retailer. They are supply a mobile phone in a cheapest price. It is Online shopping so it can help to those people who are busy to their work and don't have time to go out to buy a cellphone. It is good because they have many categories of cellphone that can choose: Apple, Nokia, O2, HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Palm, Eten and Vertu.It is safe shopping because one of their prior is your satisfaction. So, you don't have to worry about your money. For more information you can leave message for your suggestion/question and any thing you want to know about this site. Guys, what are you waiting for? Start visit their site now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I notice after the school class started the tricycle driver (padyak) is now busy too. I saw tricycle driver every morning they are already sweat that proved of tiredness to have more passenger. They are happy because after the school started they have also more passenger and I'm the one of them. I paying P5.00 pesos for tricycle and I'm happy to help them for a small amount. I know that it's really hard to find a job especially most of them they didn't finished their studies because of difficulties of money that's why they work hard to give the needs of their family through this job.

New Cellphone

I have new cellphone but not new model. My sister wanted my cellphone that's why I swap my cellphone to her cellphone. My cellphone right now is 3315 it's not bad eventhough it's not new model as long as it will work good. For me, cellphone is really important especially in my work. Whatever cellphone it is as long as can contact ( txt or call) it is okey for me. But after I started to make a blog I realize that I need to have a cellphone with camera and video so that I can share more interesting topic using taking a picture or video. I have so many things that I want to share but right now since I don't have that kind of cellphone I decided to save a money so that someday I can buy a cellphone in my own savings. May I'm right guys?

I'm back

Happy Thursday to everyone, I didn't notice the day passing by and I really missed making a post here. It's been awhile guys since I didn't visiting here because I'm busy to my work. Since it's first week of school class we are really busy because there is a new students near school in our cafe that's why we are busy to have more new customer heheheh. I'm happy because our cafe is back to busy again. We are do our best so that our customer will be satisfied to our services. I'm happy because this past few days our sales is increase same before. Thanks God, eventhough we have many competitors but our cafe still stand up and hoping that it will grow up. Happy blogging to all.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who's Fit?

I like to answer this survey from Dneero. It is about Who's Fit? honestly me and my husband both fit but since i need to choose only one that's why I choose myself. Eversince I didn't try to be fat that's why I tried my ways to be look fat but I'm still look the same. My husband is also fit that's why we don't need to exercise to lose weight heheheh.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Trip for Ate Babbette

Here in Philippines is already Saturday in the morning but in the US I think it's Friday night there. I'm thinking about ate Babette right now, maybe she is really busy packing their things for vacation in 7 countries for almost a month if I;m not mistaken. I remember before she said that she will buy me a rosary from Rome so that God Bless me more. Ate Babette didn't know that before she can give me a rosary, God already bless me to giving a friend like her. Thank you ate Babette for always there for. I really admired you for being a good mother and wife. Happy trip for tomorrow God bless you.

Open Eon Bank Account

Yesterday, I decided to work at 12 o'clock because I want to go in the union bank to open an eon card. When I'm in the bank and ask the staff they explain to me what is the first step so that I can open an eon card. She said that I need to sign up the online application first before I can open an eon card at union bank then wait for 2 days I think for confirmation but unlucky because the application from for eon card is temporarily close. They are upgraded to provide us with a more improved Eon Cyber Account Card. I' really sad because after sacrifice my work then the result is nothing. Maybe I try next time if their site is already work.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Should Hillary concede?

For me I'm didn't try to vote ever since but Hillary can prove to us if she can concede democratic or not if she in the position, right?

Flood because of the Rain

Last night I can't believe what happen in the City of Davao. The rain fall starting 3:30p.m I think until in the evening. Me and my husband stock up in the middle of rain and it's really hard to find an jeepney to commute that time. The rain still drops that's why it s cause floods in some part of the City. This is the problem of the commuters it make us hard to find a jeepney because mostly some of jeeney they find other way to avoid the big flood that's why most of the jeepney are already full. We are both wet when we are got home. I got a cough this morning maybe because of the rain last night but I still thankful that I didn't got a fever.

PC vs. Mac

This is survey from Dneero. For me I don't know about what is MAC but I already use PC that's why I choose PC than MAC. How about you guys? What is the more useful for you the MAC or the PC?

The Big Four

Last night The Big 4 for Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus are already revealed. Toni called the big 4. She called one by one with no particular order. The first name called was Robi, 2nd was Nicole, 3rd was Beauty. The 4th are really nervous because Ejay and Alex are the remaining housemates and only one of them will complete the “ Big4”. Finally Toni called Ejay, The Promdi Hottie to stand up and joined his housemates who are also part of Big4. Now Teen Big 4 are already revealed nationwide. After the nomination I felt so sad for what happen to Alex. I like all the housemates that's why I'm really sad after Alex came out in the house of Kuya. They are deserving to remain in the house of kuya but since it is a competition, we need to understand that there is a “ Big winner”. After the exhausting nomination, all housemates remain in the house of kuya are all deserving to be a “ Big Winner”.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tagged Update - I love my technorati

I got this tag from ate weng. Heheheh thank you the to sharing this kind of tag and sorry for late response.

Here's The Golden Rule;

1.Copy and Paste the entire page comeback to me and asked me your number
2.Its not necessary to erase once you've done the post already.Just add them in your post.Leave one space at a time.
3.Add title "Tagged Updated" Benefits that will get by playing this game is
4.Your Technorati will gain more Authorities and gain more links,inlinks,backinks too.
5.I will read and survey every links posted and joined this game.Because i know some links is not a good one Remember i am the moderator,i want all the links is good and not a bad one.Promoting bad exposure this is not the game for you.Thanks and God bless.

1.Filipino-Life-Abroad 2.Random Thoughts 3. Proudly Filipina 4. Everyday Lives 5.Bestfriend Blogs 6.Thoughts and Rambling 7. In my Kitchen 8. In the Life Of..Mine 9. Everything Has A Reason 10.Filipina In Hawaii 11.My Daily Ramblings Rendevous 12.Puzzle of my heart 13.Mommy's Little Corner 14.My Drift 15. Twerlermz Blog 16.Blessed Chic 17. Food Hunt and Travel18.My Journal 19.Dancing in Midlife Tune 20.Zamboangenia Pinay 21. Mommie's Space
22. Teachers Corner 23.All about Mye life 24.Fun/Fierce/Fabulous 25. Sherry Rambling 26.A Tsinay Blog 27.Just Me .. Eds 28.Read my Mind 29.Mobiletechzone 30. Life's long RoadAsawakomahalko 32.Puzzled Me 33.Hailey's Domain34.i-TRavel 35.My Journey of LifeMissBodyBeautiful 37.SuPeRnoVa & SweEtpaIn 38.This is what I called "MY LIFE" 39. Add your link here.

Pass this tag to these following people to all people who want to grab this tag
31. 36.

Worlwide Sports Travel

Did you love on sports? My friend is joining track and field when he is in elementary and he want to be popular in the name of this kind of sport but he didn't know how to start. I'm happy because there is that can help to all your need to provides a high quality, client management at a competitive price. Worldwide sport travel can provide their client for the best quality tickets for all sporting events and hospitality packages for all events likes Boxing, Cricket, F1, Football, Golf, Horse Racing, Rugby, Tennis and many more. They are also open to accept new sports that is not on their list. It's really nice because here in the Philippines need for this kind of treatment when they are traveling to another country. And it is good news because they open to all enquiries if you are supplier ( tickets, hotel, hospitality provider) if you want to offer your product or services on Worldwide Sports Travel. So, to all who are interested about this, simply you can contact them at 0208 840 9993 or email at So guys, what are you waiting for? contact now.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My Cellphone

My cellphone is not work good. I always make sure that my cellphone is full charge everyday so that my boss can contact me but I notice that my cellphone is getting weak especially when I receive a caller. My cellphone is can survive 1 day only and that is not normal because before it takes 3 days before I will need to charge again. My cellphone is really important to me especially in my work .This is also the way I can contact my family to checking my 2 kids while I'm in my work. My Cellphone is not work today because I forgot to charge last night because I'm not feeling well that's why my cellphone is really low batt. Maybe later I will buy a new battery so that my cellphone will work good and hoping that battery is the only problem to make my cellphone work.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hard disk and Memory are Lost...

Last night my husband received 5 missed call from my lady boss. We really confused what happen and wondering why my boss calling my husband instead me. We text to my boss and asking why? My boss automatically call to my husband and guess what? My boss asking to my husband what time he log out last Sunday morning because our hard dish and memory card is lost at station 9. She just want to know what is the possibility happen on that time. I'm really shock after I heard about the news because after the two web camera's lost now another expensive things are gone. What happen to our cafe?

Open Class

Good morning guys, another Monday again and it's first week of the month of June. This is the first week of June, we expect more customer because it's the week of scheduling of enrollment at Ateneo de Davao University and I'm happy for that. We make sure that our unit is in good condition for this opening of class and more games for the gamers. Update all games and good internet connection. Good customer services so that our customer will be satisfied and they will back again. To all Atenista we are open 24 hours/ 7 days to serve you: hehehhe