Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is the continuation of the stories LOBO. When Noah's hugs him to make her calm she cry and cry but after that she realized that there's something wrong so, she suddenly up and leave Noah. After that she continue of what her works eventhough she so tired, she make her self strong so that she can survive. When she brings a clothes to the studio she didn't expect that her co-workers also makes their effort to help Lyka she said thank you to all but when she heard something noisy then she saw a light that moving down to the girls who are the models she put her self to protects them. Lyka's get hurt, she collapse but when Noah's carrying to take her at the clinic she suddenly wake up and said I'm alright but Noah's refuse he still Lyka take at the clinic but when the check-up finish the doctor said “ there's nothing wrong with her and I can't confine a patient because she's okey, maybe you can bring this lady to her house”(maybe because Lyka is not ordinary person so that she not easily hurt ) . While Lady L. has a problem because one of their members as a LOBO has gone. She so nervous because she don't want to lose another member. Maybe we better watch out the another episode :)

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