Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today I read a book “ ETHICS” there's some story that make my mind so confuse if they really Ethical Person or Not? This is one:

“The Student Mistress”

  • Bi is pretty and attracted 19 years old college student who is now third year in an exclusive Sectarian School. She is intelligent as attested in her excellent academic performance. She has not gotten a grade lower than 95 in any subject since first year. However, in spite of her remarkable and admirable academic records. Bi is having an “ immoral life” she is currently living in ( as a mistress) with a married rich businessman who is sending her and her other siblings to school.. Last semester, she took a course in ethics and got a very high grade from the subject. Does that mean Bianca is now an ethical person? What particular contribution if any, could ethics give to a person's character.

    “ To Abort or Not Abort”

  • Janice is a graduating college student in an exclusive and reputable private sectarian school in the city. Sher has a boyfriend since high school, and now he has gotten her pregnant. Confused and afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy, Janice does not know what's the right things to do. She is currently contemplating of having an abortion. What is the main issue that Janice is facing here? Is it a moral and ethical one?

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