Friday, February 8, 2008

Guys help me!!

Hey guys... I have a problem right now please help me. I know that lots of you have a nice body figure help me to advice how I can I back my old body figure?I am working mother of two kids right now and I really busy to taking care of them and also to my husband. I always think about them everytime I'm in my work . Everyday I always make sure that my family is okey especially their needs before I go. One day I notice that my pants become big when I wear it then after that I saw my reflection to the mirror and I notice that something wrong with me I loss my weight . My friends always tell me don't push your self to do the things that can affect your health, because when the time I got problem to my work its make stress thats the start why I always sick . Then after that I its really hard for me to back again with my old body figure. Heheheh=)

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