Monday, February 4, 2008

Transportation service in Davao City

This are the common land transportation service in Davao City :

1.) Jeepney ( Hari ng daan / king of the road) are the cheepest mode of transportation around the city. Jeepneys travel in routes, and most major streets in Davao City are within the routes of these jeepneys. Sometimes one will have to catch 2 jeepney rides to get to certain places outside of one jeepney route. Jeepneys don't have schedules like buses and trains do, but they are ALWAYS avaiable. It usually takes only about a minute of wait to get a jeepney out on the main road (and some minor roads). Minimum fare of 7php for the 1st 4 kms. I recommend taking the jeepneys in Davao City as their routes are clearly marked and most of them are in a "circular" route.
2.) Taxis are all equipped with taxi meters. There are 2 types of taxi service in the City. AirCon and Non-AirCon units. Non-aircon taxies are most common in Davao City due to the cool climate and fresh air all over the city. Aircon taxis are a little more expensive than non-aircon ones, but both are generally very much affordable.
3.) Buses are generally for travelling long distances into the outer skirts of Davao, or somewhere else in Mindanao. Buses come in both aircon and non-aircon units.
4.)Tricycles are not for turists but for people's daily life. Most of tricycles are manpowered. When it runs you feel comfortable breeze of wind and the parasol keeps you from the sunbeam. But once the wind blows against you, the driver has to draw all his power due to the parasol, and naturally you feel tension on your shoulders too. 8 peso per ride( as of March 2005. It must not be affected by the oil price hike). Worth trying, Tricycle is a 3-wheel vehicle common throughout the country although there are variations in make and passenger capacity depending on the area. Their common deminator is: the body/sidecar is made of stainless steel while the roof is made from leatherette material. I really got my surprise when I saw this tricycle. It was the first time I saw one with a garden umbrella as roof. Can't stop laughing! From the main highway going up to Eden, this unique vehicle is the only mode of transpo available (well, except for visitors like me who took a cab from the city).
5.)Motorcycle this is a very common way to travel, but usually for more hilly or mountainous travel in areas of Cebu (like in Lahug heading to Tops), or in the province. This form of transportation is commonly called a Habal-Habal.
6.)Tricykad, or a non-motorized bike with seating for up to two persons. These types of 'taxis' are used for more localized transportation, typically operating within a more localized area, than that of tricycles, habal-habal motorcycles or other similarly motorized transportation.

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