Sunday, February 10, 2008

To all RF Online players ..

Last Saturday RF Online has a tournament at located at Roxas, Davao City this is open to all Rf players level 1 to 50. The registration start from 9am to 1:30 than after that the tournament start at exactly 2pm. To all attendees must be early to register because it is first come- first serve basis and you must pay 70.00 pesos as a registration fee this is for ( 50 top-up card, 1 RF Poster, 1 RF Crimson Dawn cd and 10 set of Elite Gems. The rules of the Games are ... Each match will given a maximum of 10 minutes, the team with the most number of skills will win that rounds.

This is the RF Online Skirmish :]

  • Each team must comprise of 5 players/ team
  • Participants will use pre-generated characters provided by the RF online team .
  • Altrax server will be the official tournament server.
  • The first 30 teams who present on site on the day of the tournament will automatically get 50 sets High Gems.

Heres we go... the important part of the games the prices 2nd runner-up they will received type D Hora Weapon of Choice, 20 set High Gem, 20 pcs. Keen Talics, 20 pcs, Favor Talics and the 1st runner -up they will received Type D Hora Weapon of Choice, 30 set High Gem, 30 pcs Keen Talics, 30 pcs Favor Talics and the most The Champion they will received 1 pc 20/20 Racial Elemental Accessory, Type D Hora Weapon of Choice, 50 set High Gem, 50 pcs Keen Talics, 50 pcs Favor Talics..

This is really amazing Online tournament, Most of our customer that they played RF online here in Frb they also join to get a chance to win.. how about you? Are you also join last Saturday? Hehhehe..