Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Schedule

Hey guys.. Today is Saturday it's my new schedule for working. I and my co-workmate Jesica change schedule, suppose to be my worktime is from 8am until 4 pm but now I'm starting to work my new schedule it's from 4pm until 12 midnight. Eventhough we both conflict that schedule we don't have any choose because it my boss order. In my side it's okey for me for that new schedule but for Jesica it's really hard for her because she have a little daughter. Nobody can taking care of her daughter because her mother is so busy and also her sister. I really upset for Jesica situation right now she trying to push her self to do anything even if she's really tired. Guys.. Jesica is really good friend of mine and she is the " ninang" of my oldest . I really sad because I remember when the time I'm at her side right now she was there to help me to taking care my two kids. That is the time when my mother's going to somewhere I forgot the place because her sister ( my aunt) died. So, nobody there to help me to taking care of my child, Jesica was there she offered to help me, thanks Jec but now I'm really sorry because I can't help her. sorry....

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