Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Route...

Yesterday , exactly 4:18pm after I'm viewing my blogspot I decided to go home. At Acacia St., I am waiting for a Jeepney route Buhangin to Lasang . It's really hard to wait a jeepney that the route is Buhangin to Lasang because most of them are Sasa to Lasang. In my case it is okey if I ride that route because I live in Buhisan, Tibungco but still even if I can ride that route I still really want ride with a route of Buhangin to Lasang because less than traffic and they drive very fast .And I like the place of Buhangin there lots of beautiful views that I can spend my time while riding especially at the Airport area.

When the jeepney stop at Gaisano Mall, Bajada I wonder why theres no taxis, jeepney who usually waiting for the passenger . Owwws, when I saw a LTO van now I know why.. heheheh LTO they really strict they caught the drivers who not follow the road rules no excuses.

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