Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bad Influence!

Yesterday my mother told me about what happening this past few days. She told me that my son “ Angelo” it's becomes a badboy maybe because one of his friend name flong-flong. As a working mother I can't give my all attention for my kids that's why my mother help me to guide them but sometimes even my mother taking care of them still the other kids can influenced of them. My mom told me that this past few days my son is always play outside then when he come back many words that come out to his mouth (dirty word) that we don't know where he come from because it's really bad word. Now he know how to talk a dirty words and I really mad of this. One day I heard a bad words from him I suddenly talk to him about this I told him how bad it is. I know he doesn't know what he said because he is already 3 years old and I want this to be stop. When I asked my mother about this she told me there's one of his friend influenced him alot, the name of this kids is flong2x he is our neighborhood's son. Even me I know this kids he become a bad influenced of my son. Flong2x is really bad kids because her mother doesn't guide him right or maybe because he lack of attention. There's a time that my son has a fever because of him, He forced my son to going home even if has a rain. When my mother told me about this I get mad, that's why I don't want my son play again to that kind of kids. Most of parents they don't want their children to be a badboy. I really afraid right now because what if this attitude will not be change? What happen to his future?

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