Friday, February 22, 2008

Computer set

Last year one of my friend in college have a four computer set that she didn't use it anymore that's why she want to sell this computer but she didn't know how ? She contact me and ask a favor to help her to find a buyer for her four computer set in a fastest way. She sell it at the price of 9,000.00 pesos this are the specs of the unit : Sempron:2400 the processor, Asus a7vx8 motherboard, 256 memory, 128 video card, 9250 radeon , 80 GB harddisk, 17 inches monitor with floppy drive, keyboard, mouse and speaker... no CD rom and AVR. First, even me wants to buy this kind of unit but I don't have enough money specially that is Christmas session. When we talk about the unit she suggest that if ever I can sell the computer she give a commission to me if ever I sell the unit ,every unit I earn 1,000.00 and it's really great, I agree for what her condition because she's already know that I need money for Christmas. After that I decided to post in Internet so that it will easy to sell, and I'm not wrong for what I did because after I post this in Internet there's so many interested and they ask me for more information about the computer. And finally December 20,2007 the manager of Linnmarr Hotel txt me and ask for more information about the computer then she said that she really interested after that she decided to check the unit and finally she decided to buy the unit at the lowest price of 9,000.00 isn't it really great?? hehhe:) Guys.. this my first accomplish as a agent :P

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