Thursday, February 7, 2008

To all bloggers..

This morning, when I'm open my blogs I decided to view the site of my friend because I really like to read her blogs about her son. When I read it I get mad because there's some one who send her a ban message , because she is unprofessional. I really mad of it, to those people who send this ban message to my friend, this is my message for you " no body's perfect only God" My friends is really nice, she only having fun to do blogging here no matter her grammar is wrong atleast she can give to others inspire and fun maybe she has lots of mistake but still her sentnce is understandable. SHe only want to give fun to other readers, maybe she has lots of mistake but you have no right to give her a ban message ok:(. To all bloggers hope that you be nice and support to those bloggers who first timers. Instead, you give them a ban message because their not doing good , just help them to correct in a right ways to not make them feeling hurt. Friends, Sister, Brothers and Everybody we both blogger here, please be nice and be supportive to all tnx:)

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hi jan tag-nimo ni sira imuha bah