Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Last night, I watched the teleserye LOBO, this episode for the night makes me so sad for Lyka ( Angel Locsin) because Noah ( Piolo Pascual) told her that the kissed that they both did at the night of occasions he wants to forget it because that moments he did not give any meanings of what happen to both of them and also he want to Lyka stop to what she always did when she obviously show to Noah how she really like him. He want Lyka to be a professionals when they both in the company because they co-workmate. He said that everytime Lyka's make a unprofessional move, it makes his job distracted . All of Noah's said to Lyka makes my heart also hurt because imagine Lyka likes very much to Noah but now she heard a bad word from him. It's really hurt, I can't imagine what if that's moments can also happen to me? Lyka is always crying when that time she hear what Noah's told her and she not work right because she always think about what happen. When her kuya ( older brother) knows about this he revenge to Noah and that's is the next episode.... heheheheh watch out..

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Norm said...

hehehe mas okey yong nangyari janet! kasi dyan lalabas ang tunay na lyka yong palaban, desente at focus sa lahat ng bagay, hindi tatanga-tanga, very professional na siya next day tingnan mo very seductive and very beautiful na si angel next week, tapos si piolo for your eyes only nalang..hehehe..by the way kaya pala ako nandito may 2 awards ako for you sa creativity site ko punta ka doon ha if you have time and grab the 2 awards..take care