Sunday, March 2, 2008

Inquiring Motorcycle

Today, before going to work, we planned to go to the motorcycle showroom. My husband and I want to buy a motorcycle but we want to inquire first so that we can prepare for the cost. We want to know what the requirements are to apply for credit to buy a motorcycle. We want to get a motorcycle but want it to be financed because we don't have cash to buy it:) We plan to use the motorcycle as our service because it's really hard to commute at midnight.

After we finished getting ready, it suddenly rained. :( Bad timing, we really need to go so we'll have enough time to inquire and I will not be late for work. My husband suggested that we wait until the rain stops but it did not stop until 3'oclock. I can't wait anymore because it takes an hour to get to work from our house. I called the motorcyle showroom and had to reschedule. I hope we make it to our next appointment, we really need to get a motorcycle. This will make my transportation to and from work very convenient.

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