Friday, March 28, 2008

Rest Day

Wednesday is my rest day as usual, I spend my whole time to my little kids hheheheh:) Eventhough I don't have enough sleep at that time I still play my kids because I really missed them. I cooked for them from breakfast to dinner I always make sure that their always ate properly. Me and my two kids alone in the house because my mother went to the market with my stepfather and my sister is in school. At that moment I give my best to make them enjoy while I am with them. Lunch time we watched Wowowee and we really like the show. After we ate lunch I decided to take them in the room to get them sleep. They both already sleep that's why I had time to clean the house and cooked for dinner :) I am really lucky to have a child like them that's why I do my best to work so that someday I can give them all their needs.

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