Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday

Yesterday is a Holy Thursday. When I woke-up in the morning I don't know if we have work that day or not. I forgot to ask my boss if we have work or not because it's Holy Thursday. My mother told me that we would definitely dont have work because it's Holiday, but still I want to make it sure you know... I want to asked my boss through texting, but when I start to text them I received one message from my boss that said “Net, we don't have work today” I'm happy after I read that message. Yesterday, I spend all my time to my 2 kids and to my family. I am really happy that after I make them sleep I also sleep twice in that day. When we woke-up, Me and my kids are spending time watching movies and playing inside because it's rainy outside. While watching movies “Kailangan Kita” my husband called me and said that we will going to Shrine Hills church tomorrow with my older son, it is too bad because my daughter is not allowed to go with us because she is sick.

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Babette said...

Hi Janet, I hope you have a nice Easter. :)

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