Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleepy day

I noticed that I always feel sleepy, maybe I don't have enough rest and sleep. Yesterday when I go to work and ride a jeepney, i feel so sleepy that time, so I decided to take a nap while the jeepney is moving, it takes an hour before I get in my work. I take a nap for about half hour hehehe and i feel really happy and satisfied for my half hour nap. After that i say to myself that i wont sleep again at work, i think the half hour nap helps a lot to make me feel better, im wide awake now. When I'm at work, I couldn't help myself to feel asleep. I try to keep myself busy to ignore my sleepyness. I play dotA to keep me awake and I thank God because dotA helps a lot so that i wont get sleepy this time. I practiced to played dotA because it is popular games here in our cafe. I always joined this game so that I can learned more strategies and familiarize all heroes. One time I joined the games with my co-workmate here, they are really good at this game and I'm the only one who is not but still they allowed me to join. At first, it's really hard for me but I enjoyed it. Maybe I need to practiced more so that I will be a good player to this game. Many customers like to play this games that's why I am encouraged to play and learn to this type of game. Guys, did you also know how to play this game?