Thursday, March 20, 2008

Going to Shrine Hills

I am really tired because today we will going to Shrine Hills. We walked from Magsaysay Park to Shrine Hills. I feel very excited because me and my husband spend time to sacrificed as a sign of remembering God's sacrificing to ease our sins. To avoid the tiredness we both decide spend our time seeing a wonderful views like flowers, mountains, malls and etc. We also spend time to talked to each other mentioning a joke so that we can't aware the time passing by. We also talk about our passed about where we start meeting each other and also how we discover that we fall in love to each other. It's makes me feel embarassed because we are like a child talking at the street while walking and also laughing all the time. There are also a group walking going to Shrine Hills I'm really admired them because they also give an importance what God's did for us. They are all boys, walking ahead of us they are more faster than us but it's okay. Finally we are near at Shrine Hills but before we got in the church we need to pray at the fourteen station. At the church we fall in line at the Mama Mary's and Sto. NiƱo house to pray. I also fall in line to papa Jesus house so that I can pray and thank Him for always being there to guide me and giving me a healthy life.

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