Thursday, March 20, 2008

Going Home

After visiting at Shrine Hills I decided to go at the Internet cafe to checked my emails and blog. While I'm in the Internet cafe my husband go home for a while to pick up my son to his grandmother house. I had a lot of emails and I'm really glad because I had an email from ate Babette hehehe. After checking emails I also open my blog to checked what is new. My friend Fe told me that my review from Smorty is finally approved yehey!! I am really lucky to have friend like Fe and ate Babette. After I'm done checking my emails and send a message to my friends I write a post so that I can always update my blog since I don't have work at three days it's been a while that I'm not posting here. After an hour my husband not yet coming back so I'm cutting off the time that I consumed in the internet then I am waiting to my husband because I dont' have money to pay the bills heheheh so poor. It's take 13 minutes before my husband is coming back he is the one who pay the bills (P 15.00/per hour). It's so expensive than to our internet cafe where I am working heheheh. My son is taking a nap while they are in the jeepney he is still sleeping when they arrive at the intenet cafe. I carry my son so that he can continue sleeping, after my husband pay the bills we going home already. I'm really tired that day but I'm happy because we finish our goals. Until next time guys..

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