Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bad Customer

While Im watching our customer playing games, there's one guy at the second floor who gets really mad. First I don't know what is the reason why he is mad, but when my co-workmate (Othonel) told me that he warn the guy to stop browsing porno website but he dont listen and he keep doing it. The guy get mad of Othonel that's why he suddenly stop and log out. I asked him to pay the same price even if he did not consumed his one hour but he get pissed because he said 'why he still need to pay the same price for 1 hour if he did not consumed his hours. I explained it to him that we are flat rate even they didn't consumed their one hour, they still need to pay it. Thats the rule here in our cafe. He cant do anything about it. He pay his bill but he said that "Tell your boss that you going to close your cafe". I'm shock of what he said, he go out then after 5 second he came back then he repeat what he said to us. I though he will going to make a trouble in our cafe but I said to him that all cafe are not allowed the pornography. I don't know if he understand what I said but i hope it is. :-)

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Babette said...

Janet, may pop-ups dito sa blog mo, porn pa :( I-check mo yung pinakabago mong idinagdag dito sa blog mo dahil dati naman wala kang pop-ups.
Dapat dyan sa store ninyo 'Pay first' before using the computers.