Sunday, March 30, 2008

Internet Flows

The connection of our internet is really slow and I don't know why. Our customer get mad about it, I really worried about this because our sales will be affected. Many customers' decide to cancel their time because of the slow connection of internet. My partner Othonel checked the flow of the internet connection and it's really slow. Sometimes the connection is okey but most of the time is Request Time Out (RTO) meaning there's no internet connection. We finished checked the internet connection but we are not sure if the way how we checked the connection is right. We have two internet connection for online games and for surfing that's why we don't know if the way we checked the connection is right. I text my boss about this and they said that we just nothing to do, we need to update it always of what are the flow of internet connection. I think the way we checked the internet connection is right . Now, I always checking the flow of connection so that I always know the new update of the internet connection I'm glad that the internet connection is back to normal and no more to worries about it.

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