Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday rants

Today is Saturday we had work today. I feel tardiness to my work maybe because I'm still not contented of the Holy Week vacation. I had three days holy week vacation because Wednesday is my day off then luckily follow the Holy Thursday and Holy Friday :). Now, I am working to make money to provides our financial needs everyday. I'm not in the mood working today maybe because I'm still want to get rest heheheh. Since it's still vacation we don't have a lot of customer now but there's a regular customer still log in even if its Holy Week. After my duty I decided to open my blog and write a post. I'm already done checking my emails and also send an email to my friend here on the web. I wonder why my friend Fe not online now, I think she is busy or she is going to town. I really like visiting to Fe's blog because there are many interesting topic that she always posting there. I hope tomorrow she will be online so that we can talk :)

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