Monday, March 31, 2008

Last Day of the Month

I can't believed that today is last day of the month, the day run so fast right? Today I received my salary and it is really bad because my salary is not enough to pay my debt. When I received my salary I decided to pay my debt to the store of our neighbor. Today my salary is already budgeted, buy a milk for my kids and diaper, also I will buy food for us. I will also give some part of my salary to my mother so that she will help us budget all our needs in the house. I think there's no excess on my salary hehehe. My husband also need money so that he can get his cellphone back at the pawnshop. This month of March it is really hard for us because of many problems that we encounter but thanks God we survived. This coming April I hope that this is the lucky month for my blog so that it will help for my problems financially. Guys, help me to pray to the Lord to blessed my blog ok *_* see yah.

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Allen's Darling said...

kaya mo yan jan madali na lang yan kc kikita ka na ng dollars makatulong ito basta keep on blogging lang ako gani hinay2x pud naka 600 naku hehehhee s blogging kalooy sa diyos hahhahaa hoy naa ko tag nimo janet bah

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