Monday, March 10, 2008

Night Life

I, my husband, Bryan (co-workmate) and Max (Meowming) decided to eat at Bankerohan after work. I eat a lot because I forgot to eat dinner so that I was really hungry. After we ate, we decided to drink beer at South Park near the cafe but when we got there they said that they are in a liquor ban so we decided to find another hangout. Finally we found a place. hehehhe I tried to drink because I want to experience having a night out :). Max, Bryan and my husband played billiards while drinking. After we finished our drinks, we decided to go back to the cafe to played dotA. Two against two, my husband and I versus Bryan and Max. We played three rounds and we won the first game, but lost the second round so it's a tie . We decided to have another round to break the tie heheheh and we won the last game. hehhehe :). I really enjoyed this day, I hope that it will happen again.

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