Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finding a Job

Yesterday when I woke up I received a message in my mobile phone from my cousin. She also works at Internet cafe near my work place. When I read the message, she asked me if there’s still a vacant job at our Internet Cafe. She told me why she wants to quit her job. The reason is because her boss changed their schedule and it is an inconvenience to her because she is assigned to the Matina Branch which is very far from where she lives. My cousin said if ever she is going to transfer to Matina, her salary is not enough for her daily expenses. When I finished reading, an idea comes to my mind. Store One in front of our Internet CafĂ©, they need an Accounting Clerk. I try to recommend my cousin because I have a friend that also works there. I asked my friend what the qualification and the requirements are. I hope that my cousin will be employed at Store One.

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