Saturday, March 1, 2008

Improvement of our Internet Cafe

Today we are so busy because our new CPU is coming. My boss and my co-workmate they set-up our new CPU so that our customer can use it very soon. All unit in our Internet Cafe is now already upgraded. The online gamers they really glad because now they dont have to worry about how slow the response of our unit. Right now, we expect more volume of customer to use our computer because now we serve them a good connection not only that but also the place. My boss want to give all the satisfaction of our customers so that they will come back again, again and again. This are the things that you can experienced when you come in our Internet Cafe. We have two(2) aircon at the first floor, and 3 aircon at second floor to make sure that our customer are satisfied the coolness of our place . To those customer commit a reservation we have a waiting area that they can sit there while waiting. We have also a clean comfort room, even we have only one comfort room to be use,we make sure that we can maintain the cleanliness of it. We have a kind attendant that can help you right away if you need a assistant. FRB Internet Cafe is open 24 hours to serve you . Now, what are you waiting for? visit us :-)

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Babette said...

Janet, may bayad ba ito or Ty lang from your boss? LOL good job!