Monday, March 17, 2008

Goodbye Pop-ups

Last day I had encountered a pop-ups on my blog that's why I asked help to my all bloggers friend. One of my friend here in web (ate Babette) told me about this and she also helped me how to delete this pop-ups. Same of what happen to my friend Fe she also encountered this pop-ups on her blog that's why she also suggest that I need to delete the rank widget because this is the cause why I got a pop-ups on my blog. At first I don't know how to do it until this afternoon I received a email from ate Babette. She help me what I'm going to do and finally the pop-ups is gone yehey. I really happy now, because finally I confident to continue blogging and accept more reviews from my advertiser. I want to thank to my friends Fe and ate Babete to help my problems. Until next time hehehhe, I hope that it will not happen again:-)

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