Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Father's 10th death Aniversary

My father (Oscar Paculanan) died on March 05, 1998 . He had an acute ulcer that the caused his death, this is the most unforgettable experience in my life. Before he died, I never forget the way he show us how much he love me. My father doing a his responsibility as father to me, he is my best friend, my idol and my savior. He really strict specially in our studies he want to study first before we play outside. Even though he is strict, he never beat me as a discipline. I remember when all my family got sick except my father, he did all the chores in our house. He cooked, washed our clothes, etc. I adore him for being a good father. I'm so lucky to have a father like him because there are others who ignore their responsibility to their family. For example, the other who rapes his own child, it is so despicable. I grew up with love, my father and mother did their part. Ever since I was little, I did not hear my parents fight. They are really sweet to each other, that's why I want to find a guy who is like my father. My father is my inspiration. When I was studying, he was proud every time I receive an award from my school. But when my father died everything is done. I lost my concentration in my studies and I am really upset of what happened. My father is the best father in the whole world, I never forget him . Every March 5th, we don't forget to light a candle and offer prayers and food to the altar to remind us of the death of my father.

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