Friday, March 14, 2008

tagged from fe

Got this tag from Fe, thank you rose for sharing this tagged.

I AM… a good person to others and hopefully a good mother to my two little angel.
I WANT…give all precious thing to my mother before she left us.
I HAVE… A wonderful family and friends
I WISH…to be a millionaire to help my family and our country :-).
HATE...all bad things.
I FEAR… that family left me specially my mother.
I SEARCH…for more opps for the day hehe :-)!
I WONDER…why many people are not contented to their lives.
I REGRET…of what I did of my past (I had a child without married right now).
I LOVE…everyone who love me too :-).
I ALWAYS…try to be a good mother and a good wife specially a good daughter to my mother.
I AM NOT…a superhero that I can do everything that they want but I try .
I DANCE…maybe when I am a child but now I reall shy to dance in front of many people.
I SING…without microphone because if I sing a song no one will listen.
I CRY....when I angry, hurt and watch a love story heheh:-)
I WRITE…because I want to share all about me to everyone.
I WON…because i had a two kids and family that always understand me
I AM CONFUSED…sometimes
I NEED…to find more extra income .
I SHOULD…try to be patient everytime to my kids and others.

Guys... I want to passed this to my friend here: caroland99, debie, exiffer, babettesblog , gagiers1, glamorusa,

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Babette said...

Janet, tag ko rin para sa iyo ito, so exchange gift tayo. LOL